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Positive Outcomes from Treatment

So why should you treat your possible sleep disorder?

  1. Many of the effects of a sleep disorder are reversible (not all) and with the reverse we see increases in overall health.
  2. Quality of life increases. Granted not all measures of life quality will return to normal but many in fact will, meaning a happier lifestyle. In some cases we even see lower anti-depressant usage.
  3. Decreased weight. In a recent finding from the University of MI, we learned that 1 hour more of sleep can reduce caloric intake by 6%, over the course of a year this can equal close to 14 lbs.
  4. Increased alertness and performance. Study after study show that driving skills are sharper, cognitive abilities are better, and memory improves with treatment of a sleep disorder.
  5. Ability to fight off disease. Recent research has shown that when you are sleeping better, vaccines (like the flu vaccine) are actually more effective with more sleep.

Let’s face it, you look better, feel better and are a nicer person to be around when you have healthy happy sleep.

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